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Colorado Evaluation Network

Welcome to the Colorado Evaluation Network

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Who we are

 The Colorado Evaluation Network (COEN) is an American Evaluation Association (AEA) affiliate, non-profit (501c3) organization with a community of community of 200 members - and growing! 

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Our core values

COEN regularly seeks feedback and input from our membership so that the core of what we offer addresses the spoken shared needs of the members we serve.
COEN provides learning opportunities by hosting speakers and facilitating diverse and relevant professional development.
COEN values building strong relationships in the field of evaluation by supporting networking opportunities and sustaining a network of members and partners.
As leaders in evaluative thinking, COEN is clear about its commitment to equitable evaluation and the value of evaluation and an evaluators network in promoting the common good.
COEN strives to be accessible to and inclusive of a broad audience, meaning we offer multiple ways of connecting and offer content that serves our diverse membership. The inclusive traits we embody include curiosity, cultural intelligence, and courage to recognize and confront our biases.
COEN is engaging and fun by hosting interactive sessions, parties, and other opportunities to connect with each other.

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Our mission

  We strive to be an inclusive and diverse network of evaluators and related professionals working in or with the people of Colorado who learn together, share knowledge, and improve our practice of evaluation.

What we do

  COEN facilitates professional development sessions, discussion sessions, networking events, and cross-affiliate events. COEN members can stay informed and connected via our website, social media (Twitter and LinkedIn), Google Group, and newsletter. 

COEN connects members to each other to share, learn from each other, and just meet other cool people through the COEN Support Squad.

Do You Have a Professional Development Idea?

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We’re always looking for new professional development opportunities for Colorado evaluators. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise, submit a proposal.

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COEN offers opportunities for networking and professional development. By joining, you help support these efforts and are notified as they develop. 

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